Producers of commemorative coins and personalised tokens and medals

I.M. International Mint srl is a market leader in Italy and abroad in the production of personalised tokens, coins and medals, which we tailor to meet our customers’ requirements. For car-washes, supermarkets, video games maufacturers and arcades the die which we create, according to our clients requirements, transforms the product into an extraordinarily effective, immediately noticeable means of advertising. The high level of technology developed permits the production of electronic-recognition metal tokens. The differing magnetic permeability of the various metals combined with their diameters and thicknesses make our tokens extremely difficult to counterfeit. The choice of metals, highly important for product security (through properties of magnetic permeability) and for the appearance, is not to be neglected. We can produce tokens in precious metals, such as gold or silver, for example, or in less expensive metals suitable for normal requirements, including steel, cupro-nickel, copper, bronze, nickel silver, avional, aisi (alloy steel) and special alloys.


  • Punches, Stamps and Engravings
  • Specials
  • Medals
  • Tokens

The advanced technology we use and the degree of precision achieved permit the design and manufacture of punches and dies to produce tokens, coins and medals, stamps, punches, electrodes and anything else that requires highly-detailed, precise engraving.

I. M. International Mint is the manufacturer of the “Italy and her….pearls” coin collection.
These are little "pearls" featuring the most beautiful national monuments and views, but also important characters from history (such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pavarotti and others). Currently there are 59 “pearls” in the collection. I.M. also produces coins in noble metals, coloured tokens, tokens with plastic inserts and enamelled tokens.

Thanks, in part, to our sophisticated equipment, IM International Mint has acquired great experience at producing medals. We use 3D design to obtain a realistic simulation based on a drawing or a photo. The die, which is necessary in order to be able to produce a series of the medals, is only manufactured after approval has been given for the design.
The result is a product with such fine detail that it can only be fully appreciated with a good-quality magnifying glass.

We can create monometallic, bimetallic and tri-metallic tokens for the most diverse requirements. Car-washes, hypermarkets, video game hire firms, video arcades, producers and leasers of vending machines, self-service launderettes, public figures, and Italian and foreign institutions are just a few examples of the hundreds of clients in Italy and across Europe who have already purchased our company’s products. The diameter, the thickness, the metals used and the type of die are the variables that make it difficult to counterfeit monometallic tokens. The calibration of our tokens with the characteristics of different metals makes the use of our tokens even more secure, yet still allows for a very attractive external appearance. The die, which is created according to the client’s wishes, transforms the product into an extraordinarily-effective means of advertising which immediately catches the eye.