We make tokens, coins and medals for:

Car washes and self-service machinesTourismEvents, celebrations, marketingCOIN YOUR IDEA


We make tokens, coins and medals for:

Car washes and self-service machinesTourismEvents, celebrations, marketingCOIN YOUR IDEA

3D technology

Our software converts the image of a two-dimensional logo or photograph into a 3D model. With exceptional results!

The 3D technology combined with modern engraving techniques means coins and tokens can be customized down to the smallest details.


Flexible manufacturing, fast delivery time, ship worldwide.

We can send token and coin renderings and quotes in next to no time and with no obligation.


From our experience gained over decades in business, we can satisfy every need for your coins and tokens: security, highly customized design proofs, product exclusivity, and attention to detail during the engraving and minting process.


We make customized tokens, coins and medals of the highest Italian quality.
Thanks to our high level of technology, we can make metallic and bi-metallic tokens with electronic recognition to guarantee maximum security with any type of coin acceptor.
By customizing the product with any type of image, e.g. your logo, photograph or motto, also in 3D, together with your choice of metal, size and thickness, we can manufacture medals and coins that are absolutely unique for events, anniversaries, tourist sites, and marketing and communication operations.


We design and manufacture mono-metallic and bi-metallic customized tokens for car washes, self-service laundries, dispensers, car parks, change machines, vending machines and arcade games with your logo and address.

The choice of metal, together with the combination of diameter and thickness, ensures our tokens are secure and difficult to counterfeit. The calibration of the coin acceptor with the metal specifications makes it even more secure to use.

Coins and Medals

Thanks to our experienced designers and sophisticated software we are able to create personalized and high-quality coins and medals.

From your image or photograph, we design unique and exclusive 3D products for events, commemorations, anniversaries, tourist and religious sites, and marketing and communication actions.


We make collectible coins and medals for major tourist sites in Italy and all over Europe. Made from common metals such as brass, copper and steel, but also noble metals such as silver, gold and platinum.

I.M. International Mint has created the coin collection ‘Italy and its pearls’. These are small ‘pearls’ depicting the most beautiful monuments and places around the country. Currently 59 copies of the collection have been minted.

Engravings, matrices, dies

With our high technology and sophisticated software, we have the expertise to design and produce engravings and matrices for minting tokens, coins, and medals.

Want to mint your own coin?

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Configure your design

How do you want to mint your idea? Choose the type of metal, the image, and the text. Follow the instructions.

Send us all details

Choose and attach the image to go on your coin. Enter all your information and fill out the form.

We’ll take care of everything

Once we have received your request, one of our technicians will contact you to go over every detail!